Bose was looking to reach an under-indexed headphone audience – millennial women. They were looking to drive awareness for their new SoundSport in-ear wireless headphones, with the goal of increasing share with this key target demographic.


The Solution:

Bose engaged Heartbeat to create a scalable, word-of-mouth endorsement from a selected group of Ambassadors, focusing on real, everyday women who were fitness enthusiasts, and who would spark authentic conversation among their followers and real-life friends.



The Results:

In post-campaign surveys, Bose saw a major lift in awareness and purchase intent for their new product, both among the broader set of 200,000 Ambassadors, representing millennial women as a whole, as well as the participants themselves. Bose also loved the content so much they repurposed the images for other social ads and other marketing initiatives.


Total engagement Rate


Delivery on Reach Goal


Referred Product to a Friend

Ambassador Highlight:

Just flexin’ and stretchin’ 😎 jk I’m currently sitting in front of a laptop like I’ve been lately (finals 😩) but what makes it enjoyable is having my @bose wireless headphones and canceling out all the noise, so I can’t hear myself when I belt out my tunes 🗣as you all have previously seen I like to make a fool of myself and sing all crazy 😂 you all need a pair of these, especially because they’re sweat/weather resistant + give you 5 hours of play time per charge, how ’bout that?! 😄👍🏼


3% Engagement | 40.1k Followers | 998 Likes