Foria was looking to increase awareness and drive sales for their new product, a massage oil made with CBD oil.


The Solution:

Heartbeat selected a group of highly targeted Ambassadors who focused on messages of female empowerment to spark authentic conversation and inspire sales among their followers and real-life friends.



The Results:

Within one month, Foria achieved 52% ROI in purchases of the new product, proving that Heartbeat Ambassadors can drive high conversions for CBD products.




Engagement Rate


Delivery on Engagement

Ambassador Highlight:

LADIES! This awesome little bottle from @foriawellnessbrings a whole lot (more). It’s an all-natural sensual enhancement oil and the first intimate massage oil for women, 🧖🏻‍♀️. •Totally natural, organic and the first intimate massage oil for women.
•It is formulated with 8 extracts of organic plants that have historical use of aphrodisiacs.
💁🏻‍♀️ It is carefully designed to help improve sensation, lubrication and access to orgasm, reducing any pain or tension.
Use the FEELTHELOVE promotional code for a 20% discount on your Foria purchase. Link in my BIO! .


5.47% Engagement | 2,410 Followers | 133 Likes