We believe every voice has value. Whether you have 500 or 5 Million followers on TikTok or Instagram, brands want you to represent them, and Heartbeat makes that happen.

We believe every voice has value. Whether you have 500 or 5,000 followers on Instagram, brands want you to represent them, and Heartbeat makes that happen.


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Download the Heartbeat App today and start earning.




Download the Heartbeat App today and start earning.



How is pay rate calculated?

At Heartbeat, your pay rate is determined by number of followers, engagement rate, and number of completed Heartbeat campaigns. Lock in your pay rate here.

How do I sign up for campaigns?
To sign up for campaigns, download the Heartbeat app for Ambassadors! From here, login into your Ambassador account and select the Campaigns tab. Start scrolling to find a few campaigns that interest you. You can apply for a campaign directly from the Heartbeat app by clicking Interested. Application reviewal timeline can vary based on brand preferences.
How do you decide who to select for campaigns?
Ambassador campaign selection is dependent on brand preferences. Oftentimes, brands set specifications for which ambassadors can be approved (must be a parent, must have a pet, must live in a specific state, etc). We work directly with our brands to select ambassadors that best reflect their personal identity. Our system also looks at ambassador survey questions to decide whether a campaign is a good fit.
How long does it take to get paid after a campaign?
Once a campaign officially closes, you will receive a notification in the Heartbeat app to redeem your payment via your personal Paypal account. On average, it takes about 7-10 days after you submit your post to receive payment!
How can I get more campaigns?
All of our campaigns go hand-in-hand with our survey questions!  We recommend spending some time answering surveys within the app before applying to campaigns! By doing this we are able to target the right campaign to the right ambassador. Think of us as your “Influencer matchmaker.”


How do I submit my post?

To submit your post, ensure your Heartbeat pulse link is in your bio, hashtags are correct, and that you have mentioned the brand in your caption! We also suggest checking the campaign card to make sure you have included all necessary components.  Once completing all the steps above, you should be able to submit your post within the campaign card by clicking Submit Post.

What if I can’t submit my post?

If you are having trouble submitting your post, we recommend checking that you have placed your pulse link in the website section of your Instagram bio, as placing it in a Linktree will not allow you to submit your post.

Additionally, Heartbeat requires that ambassadors leave their pulse link in their website bio for minimum 72 hours. You will not be able to submit within 72 hours of submitting for another campaign.

If you are still encountering submission issues, send us a link to your instagram post at and we will try manually submitting it for you!


How do I opt out of a campaign?

Once you secure your spot in a campaign and commit to posting, we will be unable to remove you. However, we understand life happens. In emergency situations, please send us a message at and we will discuss alternative options.


Is Heartbeat available outside the US?
At this time, Heartbeat is only available within the United States. We are hoping to expand internationally, but due to difficulties with international shipping and payments, campaign participation is limited to US citizens only.
If I need help, who do I reach out to?
The fastest way to reach the Heartbeat superheroes is to send us an email at Whether you have a question on payment, campaign status, or shipping, our team is ready and willing to help! We try to respond to all requests within 24-48 hrs.


What if I already have a Heartbeat account and want to join with TikTok?

Go ahead and log in to your Heartbeat account! Go to “Account”. Click “General Information. Add your TikTok handle there. If using the Heartbeat App click the gear on the bottom right. Click “General Information” and add your TikTok handle there.

When will I get my TikTok pay rate?

Heartbeat looks at multiple factors when building your pay rate. We’re reviewing all users’ stats for a couple of days before assigning a pay rate which will appear in the Profile section of your Heartbeat App available on iOS & Android and on Mobile Web.

When will I get my first TikTok opportunity?

When we find TikTok campaign that matches your campaign preferences we’ll invite you to your first campaign of many.

Will TikTok campaigns work like Instagram campaigns do?

TikTok campaigns will have their own unique aspects like music, trends, and dances. Make sure to read the campaign card carefully to make sure you know all the requirements for the campaign.

Is my TikTok pay rate different than my Instagram pay rate?

Yes! Heartbeat calculates TikTok & Instagram pay rates differently based on your account unique metrics.