Have you ever given up plastic for a month? I did and it was more challenging than I thought. Almost every restaurant uses plastic – whether it’s straws, takeout containers or cups, it was almost impossible to avoid. Then there’s the art of recycling. Did you know you can’t recycle pizza boxes? Neither did I! Going green even helped my waistline because I wouldn’t waste food. I would bike, not drive to pick up my meals because having them delivered meant plastic containers. I started using reusable makeup remover pads. And yet, I was still buying plastic with my products at the store. What did I learn? Being environmentally friendly is not a choice, it’s a responsibility.

Thankfully, I follow a lot of sustainable-friendly influencers who guided me on my journey to greener pastures. My mission was to become plastic free and educate myself on how I could help our planet in my daily life. So in the spirit of Earth Day, here are my top five influencers who would make Mama Earth proud.

Dave Coast


 “Choose fewer (but better) pieces for your closet. The fashion industry is one of the top 5 largest global polluters.”

Lauren Singer


 “Saying no to straws makes a difference. Even the smallest effort can help make a big difference like 125 school busses big!”

Rob Greenfield


 “To live a more sustainable and close to zero waste lifestyle, one of the main focuses should be not on buying more, but buying less. However, there are some things we do really need or want to buy. Then the key is to shop in a more ethical manner.”

Kathyrn Kellogg


 “When you bring your own container, bags, ask for no straw and do things slightly different than society. You’re bringing a little bit of awareness to those around you.”

Jessica Kooiman 


 “Being a conscious consumer has taught me that there doesn’t have to be a purchase for everything- like cleaning supplies ????. I use 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar for most things. Lemon helps cut grease and helps with areas that are hard to clean (my disgusting, old shower).”