Why Haven’t I Been Accepted into a Campaign?

We’re so sorry you haven’t been picked yet! If it were up to us we’d give you a new one every day. It could be any combination of these reasons:


  • You don’t meet the guidelines from the business.

  • Your engagement/following is lower than average.

  • You don’t have enough posts yet.

Good News: All of these can be fixed by giving your Instagram some TLC!

What do businesses look for?

It depends on the campaign! Our technology connects businesses with the type of Ambassadors they’re looking for. This could mean Ambassadors need to be in a specific location (e.g.: must live in Atlanta), within a specific age range (20-22), or have certain lifestyle characteristics (mom of a toddler), etc.

Don’t get discouraged! We work with a wide range of companies who are looking to connect with you. If there isn’t a campaign for you right now, just hang tight! There’s a good chance we have one in the works.


How can I improve?

Check out our How to Get Into More Campaigns article.


How many followers do I need?

Businesses like to see 300 (real) followers. It may seem like a lot, but in the grand scheme of Instagram, it’s totally possible! A great place to start boosting followers is with fellow Heartbeat Ambassadors! You can find them by browsing the #hbtsp hashtag on Instagram.  Go say hi, gain a new follower and a new friend.


Why does the number of posts on my account matter?

Businesses value the opinions of real people like you and having more than 30 posts on your account signals to our technology that you are a real person. 


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