How to Take the Perfect Boomerang

Boomerangs are a great way to catch a follower’s eye. Here are our top tips to make your Boomerang stand out from the rest.


Hold the Camera Still: When making a Boomerang, you want to focus on one small action or movement. Make sure that you position the camera perfectly with proper lighting, and then make sure that it remains still. Most people are tempted to move the camera, in a back in forth motion when doing this, but this can make the final product appear too fast or confusing. It’s important to keep your phone still, and that you make all the movements.


Get Creative: Creativity is really the key to making your posts unique. Spin around, walk towards the camera, flip your hair, toss your product in the air… Find a small movement or action that matches what you’re promoting. Be yourself, and be creative!


What is Ghosting? 

If you are selected for a campaign and opt not to post you’re a ghost.

Why does Ghosting matter?

If you ghost on a campaign, we won’t give you another campaign. Ever.

Type of Emails

What is an Application Email?

The email we send to announce a new Campaign is available to apply for on the Discover feed.

What is A Creative Breif (instructions) email?

The email we send when you’re approved for a campaign. This email includes instructions for the type of photo the brand needs, the required hashtags and the deadline.

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