How Campaign Work

Show Your Interest

Based on the information you provide in your Heartbeat Profile Quiz and how you’ve answerd certian survey questions, we connect you with campaigns we think you’ll love. You’ll find these opportunities in your discover feed where you can show your interest in the campaigns you want to participate in.

This does not guarantee you’ll be accepted into the campaign – it’s just telling us that you’re interested.If you don’t find anythign interesting in your feed, no worries, we recommend answering as many survey questions as possibile and wait for something you like.

If you’re applying to campaigns but not being accepted, check out our How to Get into More Campaigns article.

Commit to Posting

Once your participation in the campaign has been confirmed, you’ll be asked to commit to posting. These helps us ensure the brands that our campaigns are going to be successful. By committing to posting you are giving us your word that you will submit you post before the posting deadline. Failing to submit your post before the deadline may affect you getting into campaign in the future.

Once you’ve committed to posting and the campaign timeline has opened you’ll receive access to the campaign posting instructions. It is very important that you read through the instructions and follow them. 


Post and Get Paid

Once the posting timeline is open you receive your instruction and be asked to post on Instagram.  The instructions will give you specific hashtags and mentions you’ll be required to use, as well as details to help you with your post content, and caption. Make sure your Instagram bio includes your Pulse Link. See our What’s a Pulse Link article for more info on what your pulse link is and does. 

Once you’ve posted on instagram you’ll need to confirm this on your app. Click the  Submit Post button to submit your post to Heartbeat.

If this was a paid campaign you’ll receive the posted payment in 5-7 business days. 


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