AwesomenessTV increased brand awareness with a contest for their show Zac + Mia.

The Solution:

Heartbeat recommended a campaign that relied heavily on Ambassadors sharing authentic stories about their friends. Ambassadors highlighted the contest with the opportunity to donate $5,000 to a charity of your choice. The personal stories resonated with the Ambassadors’ followers and sparked interest in the show among their friends and family, while the contest brought it one step further and made people excited to get involved.


The Results:

AwesomenessTV and Heartbeat Ambassadors created genuine engagement with the target audience by coupling the message of the TV show with heartfelt personal stories. Authenticity was the key to the success of this campaign, resonating with followers and driving high engagement consistently above industry average- peaking at 11.21%!

Additionally, Ambassadors quickly welcomed the opportunity to post about what friendship means to them. With over 500 posts in 7 days, Heartbeat completed the campaign in just 1 week- the fastest campaign execution in Heartbeat History!


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Avg. Engagement Rate

Ambassador Highlight:

Just like my babe, Zac & Mia from @awesomenesstv inspire us with their story. The Zac & Mia show highlights the journey of 2 teens battling cancer together. They develop an amazing bond to help each other through their difficult time.


5% Engagement |  36.4k Followers | 2,354 Likes