Boca Java Coffee was looking to activate avid coffee lovers to create authentic, real-life content to repurpose for their social media, email marketing, and the launch of their new website.

The Solution:

Boca Java was able to use the Survey Tool on Heartbeat’s Platform to create strategic survey questions and target hundreds of Heartbeat Ambassadors who both drink and purchase coffee often. These avid coffee lovers were activated as brand advocates for Boca Java Coffee to create real, everyday authentic content.

The Results:

Boca Java saw measurable ROI through their Heartbeat campaign. They were able to repurpose over 90 pieces of content that captured Boca Java Coffee authentically while displaying Heartbeat Ambassadors’ individuality and true excitement for Boca Java Coffee.


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Ambassador Highlight:

A coffee a day keeps the grumpy away. So may your monday cup be full. But seriously, banana foster coffee, where do you go from there? @bocajava has the most delicious smelling brew. Not roasted until you order – the freshness is unreal! Go to the link in my bio to place your order☕ you’ll thank me later.


6.52% Engagement | 5.6k Followers | 258 Likes