Drybar acquired new customers through raising awareness of two new products, The Brush Crush and Hot Toddy Mist.

The Strategy:

Heartbeat targeted a group of Ambassadors interested in hair-straightening products to create posts. The selected participants received Drybar’s The Brush Crush and Hot Toddy Mist. Each Ambassador provided an authentic endorsement and encouraged their followers to buy.



The Results:

Drybar generated nearly 4,000 website visits through their Instagram links-in bio alone.  In December, 70% of participants reported they plan to purchase Drybar products in the near future. This increased to 92% in January after continuing to build their Heartbeat community. 23% of the participants purchased at least one Drybar product in the same month after posting.

In total, Drybar was able to reach over 1.2 Million Instagram users and introduce their products to potential customers outside of their existing target audience. Our Ambassador’s content generated over 116k engagements including nearly 4,000 website visits through their Instagram link-in bio alone.


Total Engagements


Posts & Products Sampled


Plan to Purchase Again

Ambassador Highlight:

Between nursing school and work, I barely have time to style my hair. Using the @thedrybar brush crush to straighten my hair has saved me so much time! Also love how the hot toddy heat protectant mist keeps my hair healthy. Use my promo code TAHMINA10 for 10% off. 


17.5% Engagement | 4,468 Followers | 385 Likes