Eusoh aimed to drive brand awareness amongst pet-owners through UGC. 

The Solution:

Heartbeat targeted a group of 300 pet owners to spread the word about Eusoh by posting photos of their beloved pets. The Ambassadors shared personal stories and highlighted the platform’s mission to make petcare affordable in order to create a deeper brand connection among the other pet owners in their circle.



The Results:

Heartbeat’s Ambassadors generated 2,130 clicks and over-delivered on our engagement goal by 274%, proving that our pet-owning Ambassadors have a highly active audience that are excited to discover new products and services for their furry friends.


Total Reach


Avg. Engagement Rate


Bio-Link Clicks

Ambassador Highlight:

Our sweet Athena just turned 5, and she’s technically considered a senior dog (????) based off her breeds life expectancy. So we want to do everything we can to keep this girl healthy and happy!… @geteusoh has an amazing platform to help pay for unexpected pet expenses! You share the expenses with a group from the company, and those pricey vet bills get paid by everyone. Amazing right?


4.6% Engagement |  742k Followers | 80 Likes