GoNoodle focused on increasing brand awareness by activating moms.

The Solution:

GoNoodle partnered with Heartbeat to activate 175 mom ambassadors on its platform. The ambassadors were required to familiarize themselves with the app and share photos, videos, or boomerangs of their children in action. Their captions laid the groundwork for authentic conversations regarding their experience.


The Results:

By targeting moms within Heartbeat’s database, GoNoodle was able to garner 182 new users, as well as UGC to repurpose in future marketing initiatives. In post-campaign surveys, Heartbeat found one out of every four mom ambassadors reported it was very important to them that the apps they share with their children keep them active.


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Ambassador Highlight:

Guys. GoNoodle is the COOLEST kids app. There are videos with kid-taught Zumba, others that dance and play fun songs (Bye, Bye, Bye!), and even Boredom Buster’s videos to get the kids up and moving!


4.32% Engagement | 647 Followers | 28 Likes