Le Tote increased product trial for its subscription service and collected content at scale.

The Solution:

Heartbeat targeted a group of Ambassadors who identified themselves as fashion lovers and shopping enthusiasts, and approved 900 top-performers to try out Le Tote. Ambassadors went through the full sign up process and box customization. Once they received their unique box, they were asked to create content showcasing the clothes describing their authentic experience with the brand.



The Results:

After having a true customer experience with the brand, Heartbeat Ambassadors were able to share genuine endorsements for Le Tote with their friends and followers, further driving awareness and engagement among potential customers.

The campaign connected Le Tote directly with 900 potential customers, letting them try the product, develop a connection to the brand, and ultimately convert into long-term customers.

Le Tote gained a cost-effective way to create user-generated content, as well as a new marketing channel that connects them directly with their target audience.


Total Engagements


Total Reach


Cost Per Engagement

Ambassador Highlight:

Thank you thank you @letote for sending me this awesome box! This dress will be perfect for weekend date nights with my hubby!
Le Tote styled this box to fit my personality perfectly and I’m in love!
If you want this fun box as well go to the link in my profile and use the code HEARTLT for 50% off!!!


8.8% Engagement | 7,152 Followers | 473 Likes