For its launch, Qwikmatch utilized Heartbeat’s community to expand its user base and increase brand awareness.

The Solution:

QwikMatch used Heartbeat to select a group of Ambassadors to download its app, use it, and spark conversations among their followers and real-life friends. Ambassadors were instructed to showcase the app “in action” in their posts, while talking about its many features and tagging friends they want to play with.


The Results:

QwikMatch saw an influx of app downloads and buzz.  405 Ambassadors participated and generated more than 3,000 comments. They proved Heartbeat Ambassadors can influence their social circles to discover new apps!


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Ambassador Highlight:

Do you easily get bored and need something to pass time? @qwikmatchgame got ya back! You can play it with your friends or a random opponent. What’s even cooler? It comes with an awesome social features like chat, voice call, and even video call! Come find me on the app and let’s play! Try it out for free. Link is in my bio. #hbtsp #hbtqwikmatch#Qwikmatch #MatchPlayWin


4.06% Engagement | 13k Followers | 528 Likes