Having a big budget can help, but it isn’t always necessary to reap the benefits of TikTok. Brands are working with us in a variety of ways to go to market fast on TikTok.

The $25k TikTok Test Bundle

Heartbeat’s package that gets brands started on the platform quickly with over 25 pieces of content. With over 30 pieces of content and an AVG CPM of $6.05 and estimated cost per views below $0.02, brands are loving quick results with enough content to kick their pages off quickly.

Creative Concepts Sourced from Top TikTok’ers – Learn More

Heartbeat found that many brands were seeking more market intelligence before launching their first TikTok campaign around what message to go live with. The Creative Concepts initiative is a $3,000 package that can be rolled into larger purchases that helps brands unlock ideas from actual creators registered with the Heartbeat Marketplace. Our targeting lets brands source concepts from their target audience, and with this package, a brand can quickly identify 3-5 creative ideas to test or scale with their campaign.

TikTok 360 

While the demand for TikTok planning and execution has gone up since the start of Q2 marketing departments unfortunately across the board have seen a reduction in headcount. The need for a trusted partner to help source creators, plan creative, and execute campaigns has skyrocketed. Heartbeat offers a program that can help your brand plan quarters in advance in order to maximize ROI, sales, and awareness on TikTok via authentic creator campaigns.

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