3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Instagram Aesthetic

Growing a brands’s following on Instagram may be relatively easy for larger companies with a mass audience. For those just starting out, it takes dedication and an an aesthetically appealing account. A brand’s aesthetic should be tailored to fit the audience they are trying to reach.

Here are three easy ways to improve on your brand’s Instagram aesthetic.

1: Choose a Color Scheme

One of the easiest ways to create a unified aesthetic is sticking to a color scheme, whether it’s pastels, primaries, or nudes. Regardless of content, your feed will look more connected and create a color association for your followers.

Check out @DSTLD for some great inspiration!

2: Edit your Pictures with the Same Filter

Edit, edit, and edit some more! If you don’t want to commit to a specific color palette, play around with shadows, contrast, and warmth to give your pictures the same vibe. Choose some default editing settings to make your job even easier. Good lighting is key!

@Winc does an amazing job of this!

3:Think in Threes

Use Instagram’s grid layout to its fullest potential! Post similar content in groups of three to get the most cohesion possible. This can mean going color-by-color, or theme-by-theme. Regardless, it’s a great tool that’s unique to this platform.

While breaking up pictures into three different parts looks great on your profile, it can be overwhelming for your audience. Repetition can be a great marketing tool, but be careful not to cross the line into spamming your followers.

@Goop is a great example!