Introducing, the $25K TikTok Test Bundle from Heartbeat.

We found that there are hundreds of brands looking to jump into the platform by partnering with Creators, but they’re not sure how to track it all, and how to execute it once they’re ready to move forward…

The Package…

  • 1 Mega Creator (1M+ Followers)
  • 4 Macro Creators (500k+ Followers)
  • 8 Micro Creators (100k+ Followers)
  • 24 Nano Creators (50k+ Followers) 
  • Estimated Total Reach (Impressions): 3.5 Million
  • Estimated Cost Per View (CPV): $0.02
  • Average CPM: $6.05

We’ve partnered with a number of awesome brands with the above package. What they love about it….

  • Creative strategist assigned to you for concept development
  • Live dashboard that captures all campaign-related content, views, shares, comments, likes, reach and creator participation
  • All content rights pre-negotiated = no back and forth for the brand *macro & mega handled case by case*
  • All payments to creators powered by the Heartbeat platform
  • Plenty of content to launch their TikTok account
  • Enough content to target a wide audience, and get a great feeling for how to work with Creators on the platform
  • Competitive CPMs & CPVs (so everyone in the organization from CMO to Analyst feels great about the spend)
  • See first posts go live within one month of contract signing
  • Potential to go viral via the For You Page
  • Feedback from creators both during, and after the campaign about how to improve and create more wins downstream

*Subject to conditions and customization

Why we created the TikTok Test Package

Since inking our official partnership with TikTok bringing new brands to the platform, we’re seeing demand for TikTok unlike anything that has hit the social media and influencer/creator world before. 

We’re also running into confusion and/or misinformation about TikTok – how it works, how much creators should or shouldn’t be compensated, and how to actually leverage the amazing power of the For You Page for a brand’s maximum benefit. 

TikTok has an awesome solution for brands who are ready to go all-in through their reservation buys, which of course Heartbeat can help execute. These are amazing high-profile ad units like branded hashtag challenges. For example, #LittleBitFancy is a currently live branded hashtag challenge if you’re looking to see how it all comes together. Programs like this are amazing for brands who are bought in, and ready to go big on TikTok.

Ready to get started?

Heartbeat is uniquely positioned with its thousands of registered TikTok creators to execute these programs. If you’re looking to get started or explore something like this, drop us a note! This program at the above price point will last until the end of July.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help your brand. Interested? Shoot us a note at 

– Brian & the Heartbeat Team