Joia Spirit Campaign Wrap Report


May 28, 2021 | Case Study

Heartbeat activated Ambassadors nationwide to drive awareness around Joia Spirit. Ambassadors did this by capturing how they like to enjoy their Joia Spirit Cocktails at home during the holiday season.


Total Likes

Total Comments

Total Bio Link Clicks

Average Follower Count




of surveyed Ambassadors are likely to recommend Joia Spirit to a friend


of surveyed Ambassadors are likely to purchase Joia Spirit again on their own


of surveyed Ambassadors hadn’t tried Joia Spirit before this campaign


of surveyed Ambassadors know at least one person who purchased Joia Spirit after seeing their post!
Post Count: 125
Guaranteed: 125 | Delivered 125
Reach: 654,509
Guaranteed: 560,000 | Over-delivered by 116%
Engagements: 73,948
Guaranteed: 22,400 | Over-delivered by 330%
Engagements: 11.3%
Guaranteed: 4% | Over-delivered by 282%



of surveyed Ambassadors weren’t previously familiar with Joia Spirit


of surveyed Ambassadors were satisfied with the product


of surveyed Ambassadors want to work with Joia Spirit again!

Which attributes would influence your decision on purchasing Joia Spirit again?

ABV of 5-6%
Real Spirits
Specific flavors offered
Real Ingredients

Wich flavor did you try?

Original Sparkling Cosmopolitan
Origial Sparkling Greyhound
Original Sparkling Moscow Mule
Low-sugar Sparkling Gimlet
Low-sugar Sparkling Margarita
Some of my followers said they were able to buy this in time for NYE after seeing my post!
“I really like how exciting and high energy the videos are!”
“We were already GoNoodle fans so we loved seeing it expand to bilingual households like us!”
“I like the fact that it got my boys moving, especially when we’ve been stuck at home”
“I loved that they had the new Spanish songs- my kiddos are bilingual so watching them immerse themselves in hearing Spanish and dancing is a huge win for me!”


This sounds so refreshing I gotta try!


Cocktails in a can? Sign me up!


This sounds awesome I love a good moscow mule!


Ohh I’ll have to look them up I’ve never heard of them!!



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