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Ambassadors enjoy filling out surveys on the Heartbeat app and desktop. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they help brands collect valuable information about their customers. Surveys can be created anytime to gather insights on members before, during, and after a campaign. Our segmentation tool then consolidates survey responses into groups that allow brands to target their consumers, where needed.

In this tutorial, we’ll use Vibe Headphones as an example company. Look for the purple gears to spy tips and tricks.

Step 0: Start the Survey Builder

From your Heartbeat Dashboard, click “+ Add New Survey” on the left hand menu under Surveys.

While strategizing over the design of their next product, Vibe Headphones posts a survey to their followers asking them what style of headphones they currently use. 75% percent answer Apple EarPods and 25% say Beats Wireless Headphones. Based on these responses, Vibe Headphones has a better understanding on the type of headphones their consumers are using. This data is something they can take into consideration when designing their product.

Step 1: Set Up Your Survey

Our Survey Builder allows you to customize the look and feel of the survey. You even have an ambassador view on the right of the screen so you’ll know just how it will look when it goes live.

A Name Your Survey

This is an internal label (ambassadors won’t see it), so we suggest choosing something short, descriptive, and simple. 

Headphones Style

B Select a Category

Choose from a list of pre-determined categories: Fashion, Food & Drink, Beauty, Fitness, Wellness, Technology, Entertainment, Lifestyle, or Parenting.  


C Choose a Background

Pick one of the five colors that will be displayed as the background of your survey card.

Step 2: Write Your Question(s)

D Display

Questions can be displayed in two ways:

  • Multiple Choice 
  • Picture Multiple Choice

The Picture Multiple Choice option includes gif.

E Prompt

The more direct your question(s), the more specific your results will be.

    What type of headphones do you use most frequently?

    F Multiple Questions

    You can build a survey with a single question or ask multiple questions. If you ask follow-up questions, this creates what we call a “survey group”. 

    Click the “+ [#] New Question +button below your previous question.

    Step 3: Organize Your Answer(s)

    G + Add Additional

    The minimum number of answers is two; however, you can offer as many as you need. Simply click the “+ Add Additional” button to increase the answer fields.

    Question Prompt: What type of headphones do you use most frequently? (Choose one)

    Answer 1: Over-Ear
    Answer 2: On-Ear
    Answer 3: In-Ear

    H Multiple Answer Selection

    This allows survey-takers to select multiple responses at once. When selecting this, the continue button will show up under the answers on the survey card. 

    Question Prompt: What type of headphones do you use most frequently? (Select all that apply)

    Answer 1: Over-Ear
    Answer 2: On-Ear
    Answer 3: In-Ear

    I Description

    If your question needs additional information, entering a description can be helpful. This will show beneath the answer options and clarify lingering questions that could confound your data.

    Apple’s Classic Earbuds would be considered “In-Ear”

    Step 4: Submit for Review

    When your survey is complete, click the Submit for Review on the bottom right of your screen. Our team will review it within 24 hours throughout the week (Monday – Friday).

    Step 5: View Results

    Once your survey is approved, you can view the results and create segments to record or share. 

    Under the Surveys category on the left hand menu, click on the name of your survey (Headphones Survey).

    The responses will be shown under each question. The replies will be displayed in aggregate and percentage.

    You also have the option to download the results as a CSV file.

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