How to Build a Segment from Survey Responses

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Segments allow you to target specific people who answered your survey questions. You could set up a follow-up survey for those ambassadors, or run a campaign with users who had a specific response.

In this tutorial, we’ll use Vibe Headphones as an example company. Look for the purple gears to spy tips and tricks.

Step 1: Create a Segment

To create an ambassador segment based on a survey response, click on the three dots to the right of the response number. A bubble will appear with the option to Create a Segment. Our technology will do the rest!

Vibe Headphones wants to do a campaign using the respondents who like pop music.

Step 2: View the Segment

To view this segment, click Members on the left hand menu. Here you will be able to see all of your ambassador segments in addition to your entire member list.

Step 3: Merge the Segments

Combine more than one segment to create your ideal audience. Select every segment you want to merge and click the Merge Segments button. Give this new segment a name.

Pop Music Fans who Attend Music Festivals.

Step 4: Put a Segment into a Campaign

When it comes time to build an ambassador segment for your campaign, select your customized segment. 

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