Here are the Highest Paid Mirco and Nano-Influencers of 2018

Micro and Nano-influencers took Instagram by storm in 2018 and continue to do so as marketers are shifting from working with them over traditional influencers. The main reason being that Micro and Nano-influencers are simply regular Millennials and GenZ consumers on Instagram. They have six times the number of engagement of influencers, know their followers in real life, are actual purchasers of the products they choose to promote all while being able to create their own influencer style posts. It’s a win-win for both marketers and their consumers who are working directly together to produce high-quality content.

Even with the recent buzz around Micro and Nano-influencers, not much is known about them especially how much they can actually make as a Heartbeat Ambassador. We broke down our highest paid Micro and Nano-influencers of 2018.

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What is a Micro-influencer?

Follower count: between 2,000 – 10,000

Deanna Watson

Followers: 5,347
Heartbeat campaigns in 2018: 29
Pay rate: $15/post

Payout for 2018: $450

Alena Shestakova

Followers: 8,158
Heartbeat campaigns in 2018: 27
Pay rate: $15/post

Payout for 2018: $407

Madisyn Fuller

Followers: 5,435
Heartbeat campaigns in 2018: 24
Pay rate: $15/post

Payout for 2018: $365

What is a Nano-influencer?

Follower count: between 500 – 2,000

Hayane Saatkamp

Followers: 1,110
Heartbeat campaigns in 2018: 35
Pay rate: $10/post

Payout for 2018: $350

Carol Passos

Followers: 1,478
Heartbeat campaigns in 2018: 32
Pay rate: $10/post

Payout for 2018: $320

Gerda Drabek

Followers: 1,191
Heartbeat campaigns in 2018: 32
Pay rate: $10/post

Payout for 2018: $305