Instagram: Tips and Tricks for Photo Editing

Pick an app that works for you

Instagram is a great platform for posting your photos, but their filters decrease picture quality and make them look grainy. If you want some more options, try a couple of our favorite editing apps!


Further photo adjustments

Play around with the saturationexposure, contrast, and temperature settings. Subtle adjustments make a big difference. Be careful not to oversaturate your photo or make it look too edited. Good luck girl, and have fun!



Filters are your friends, not foes

Filtering a photo works wonders—but be sure not to filter it too much! Here are some helpful tips on how to make your photos look amazing. First, choose your filter. Browse through the filters on your editing app, selecting a few that may look nice on your photo. Try to pick filters that are similar to the previous ones you used so that your Instagram feed can flow nicely.

Once you find a filter with a color scheme you like, select it. Once you’ve selected your filter, it’s time to adjust the filter settings. You want to avoid over-filtering your photos. If the filter appears too apparent or decreases the clarity of the photo, click on the filter, and decrease the percentage of filter applied on the photo. Filters are meant to add a nice pop of color to a photo, not diminish the quality. Avoid over-filtering at all costs– it looks tacky and can ruin an otherwise great photo!

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