Tate & Lennox was looking to activate moms with children 2-5 years old to create content around Tate & Lennox’s tutus to scale brand awareness around the brand’s launch.

The Solution:

Tate & Lennox tapped into Heartbeat’s diverse Ambassador network to activate over 100 moms as brand ambassadors. These moms were able to create authentic, on-brand engaging content of their children in Tate & Lennox tutus for the brand’s launch.

The Results:

Heartbeat Ambassadors drove high engagement coupled with excellent web traffic, putting Tate & Lennox on the map.Tate & Lennox was able to launch their product successfully and draw from over 100 pieces of user-generated content to repurpose across social ads and website product pages. Additionally, the brand was able to tap into Heartbeat Ambassadors for insightful product feedback to enhance its production and growth.


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Ambassador Highlight:

I go back to work today and I’ll miss seeing this cute little face smiling up at me!

We had lots of fun yesterday dancing around in Everly’s new @tateandlennox tutu dress! I love the color and style so much! She kept smiling at herself in the mirror – it was so adorable! This is a great outfit to dress up or down in and it’s also machine washable!

Definitely check out their new line of Callum tutu dresses for your little one!


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