Heartbeat University

Your ticket to learning the ins and outs of how being a paid Ambassador works.


Heartbeat 101

Welcome to Heartbeat! What's Next?

We’ll walk you through where to downloading the Heartbeat app, how to sign up with your Instagram account and how to set up your Heartbeat Profile.

How do Campaigns Work?

Still a little confused about how Heartbeat works? We’ll walk you through it.

Getting into Campaigns: The Essentials

 Without boring you with specifics, our technology looks for 3 things when picking Ambassadors for campaigns.

Do’s and Don’ts of being a Heartbeat Ambassador

Things you should do as an Ambassador and things you should NOT do.

How Do You Get Paid?

Learn how to sync your PayPal and get your money ASAP!

What do we look for in an Ambassador's Instagram?

We review your entire Instagram account. Some of the main things we look for are…

What Makes an Awesome Campaign Post?

There are 3 factors that make an Ambassador campaign post awesome: great photo, interesting caption and a clear call to action.

What's a Pulse Link

Your Heartbeat PULSE is your custom bio-link to direct you viewers to the deals you’re promoting.


Instagram 101

How to Grow Followers Organically

Four steps to growing your followers without buying fake followers.

How to Create an Instagram Aesthetic

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but is it worth a thousand likes?

How to take the Perfect Boomerang

Check out these boomerang basics!

Instagram: Tips and Tricks for Photo Editing

Apps and filters and brightness, oh my!

How to take the Perfect Selfie

Sometimes it’s hard to master the #selfie game. We’re here to help.

How to Take the Perfect Flatlay

We have some easy ways to up your photo game.


Heartbeat 201

How to Refer Your Friends

We reward you for each friend you refer that completes a campaign. After you sign up, we’ll send and email with instructions and your own personal referral link so we can track who you referred.

Heartbeat Lingo

What kind of crazy words are we throwing around and why?

How to Update your Account Information

Sign in to the Heartbeat app and click on the gear icon.

What to do if You Have Inactive or Fake Followers

What to do if you have fake or inactive followers.

Why Haven’t I Been Accepted into a Campaign?

Oh no, that must be so frustrating! There are three things that may be going on.

What to Do if You Can't Post Before the Deadline

Sometimes things come up! We understand. Here’s what to do.


TikTok Creator Playbook

Optimizing Your Profile

TikTok Tips – how to optimize your profile and get the best results from your creator page! Profile name, link in bio, linking Instagram or YouTube, and more!

Checklist:The Basics of Posting

TikTok Tips – establishing your identity on TikTok is easy, we list out the basics of getting your post right on TikTok for creators.

Defining a Content Strategy

TikTok Tips – How to perfect your content strategy, get more views, get on the For You Page, and be the best YOU on TikTok

Engaging Your Audience

How to understand your audience on TikTok and engage & collaborate with other creators, and participate in trending hashtag challenges!

Measuring Success on TikTok

Understanding TikTok Analytics are key to creator success on the platform. Follow our guide to analytics to learn the ins and outs of how to maximize success on TikTok.

Boost the Quality of your Content

Making a TikTok – Boost the quality of your content on TikTok and maximize views on every TikTok creator post. Also editing tips and tricks.

Tips for Getting on the For You Page

Getting on the For You Page on TikTok can change the game for creators, our handy guide helps creators understand the ins and outs.