¡Vamos! GoNoodle Campaign Wrap Report

Mar 16, 2021

Heartbeat activated Spanish speaking Ambassadors nationwide to drive awareness around ¡Vamos! GoNoodle. Ambassadors did this by capturing content of their children using the platform and explaining how ¡Vamos! GoNoodle nourishes bilingual education.


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Key Takeaways: Customer Acquisition & ROI

  • 95% of surveyed Ambassadors are likely to continue using ¡Vamos! GoNoodle!
  • 55% of surveyed Ambassadors hadn’t tried GoNoodle before this campaign
  • 95% of surveyed Ambassadors know at least one person who checked out ¡Vamos! GoNoodle after seeing their post
  • 85% of surveyed Ambassadors are likely to use ¡Vamos! GoNoodle outside of the campaign
Post Count: 81
Guaranteed: 80% | Delivered 100%
Reach: 724,763
Guaranteed: 400,000 | Over-delivered by 81%
Engagements: 19,438
Guaranteed: 16,000 | Over-delivered by 21%
Ambassador Insights
  • 100% of surveyed Ambassadors said their kids loved the platform
  • 95% of surveyed Ambassadors think GoNoodle is more fun than other learning platforms they’ve used
  • 45% of surveyed ambassadors weren’t familiar with GoNoodle
  • 100% of surveyed Ambassadors want to work with GoNoodle again!

Which activities did your kids engage with?

Songs in the ¡Vamos GoNodle channel

Songs in the ¡Vamos GoNodle channel

Súper Rufus Súper Soccer on the GoNoodle Games

How long have your kids spent on the platform since first using it?

Less than an hour

1-2 hours

3-5 hours

5-10 hours

10+ hours

Ambassador Feedback

“I loved that we were encouraged to promote a video so I was dancing with my son! The shirts were a plus to highlight the brand, as well as a social emotional section that includes meditation. So important during the pandemic!”

“I really like how exciting and high energy the videos are!”

“We were already GoNoodle fans so we loved seeing it expand to bilingual households like us!”
“I like the fact that it got my boys moving, especially when we’ve been stuck at home”
“I loved that they had the new Spanish songs- my kiddos are bilingual so watching them immerse themselves in hearing Spanish and dancing is a huge win for me!”
Comments: Wow this app looks great!! 2h   1like   Reply
This looks awesome my kids would love it! 8h 1like Reply
Comments: Wow this app looks great!! 2h   1like   Reply
My daughter’s in a Spanish immersion program & we LOVE GoNoodle in both languages! Even my husband and I sing along 8h 1like Reply
Comments: Wow this app looks great!! 2h   1like   Reply
I love how interactive the app looks! 8h 1like Reply
Comments: Wow this app looks great!! 2h   1like   Reply
I love how many different activities they offer! Perfect for siblings with different interests. 8h 1like Reply
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