Welcome to Heartbeat: What’s Next?

Step 1: Download the Heartbeat App

Our mobile app is the best way to use Heartbeat when you’re on the go. Get early access on all the latest campaigns, surveys, and brand exclusives. Plus, you can receive custom push notifications so you never miss a thing. Go to www.heartbeat.com/download to download the app now!

Step 2: Complete your Profile

During sign up, you’ll be asked to tell us a little about yourself. Our technology will then find campaigns from brands you already love, or ones we think you’d like


Step 3: Apply for Campaigns

A campaign means brands are looking for people like you to post about them on instagram. Brows your Discover feed in the app to see campaign we think you’d like. 

To apply for a campaign just click on interested on the “campaign card” and fill out preceding questions. Not all campaigns will have questions depending on previous survey questions – * this is why its important to answer the survey questions you see on the app. For more information on how campaigns work check out this article in Heartbeat University.


Step 4: Post and Get Paid

If selected for a campaign, you’ll receive posting instructions with all the details you’ll need to succeed. ie. the type of post (image or story) and the posting deadline.

Be sure to read throught the instructions carefully as they contain specific hastags, mentions and other requirement you will have to include in your post.  Once you’ve submitted your post on Instagram be sure to go back in to the heartbeat app and submit you post there!

Once we’ve received your post you will paypay pament will process in 5-7 business days. Be sure your account is connected – check out more on connecting your paypal here. 


Step 5: Answer Surveys

The more we know about you, the more tailor made your campaign opportunities will be. Be sure to follow your favorite brands and answer as many survey as you can.



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